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Meet Priya

"I believe every one of us has a unique sense of beauty. It might be similar to someone but wouldn't be the same. When we express it, when we embrace it, we bring ourselves incredible joy …..we find our happy spot ."

" When one is attempting to redecorate, it is imperative to start with a blank slate. However, it is not always possible to take out parts of a room or change key plans but refreshing the walls in white or neutral colours gives the idea of a blank canvas. Layering the room with textures and artful soft furnishings refreshes it completely ."

Why I started this business?

Peacocks And Paisleys was created when I realized that mass-produced products flooded the market but I yearned for something that blended sustainable old traditional art and crafts with modern sensibilities. We closely work with artisans using an age-old process that has the least carbon footprint and is totally sustainable.

As a result of love and a mingling of free spirits, the products feature beautiful designs in soft cotton fabrics. Applique, hand block printing and hand embroidery are on offer and the results are gorgeous, subtly feminine and colourful.

If pieces with a story to tell are of interest to you, then settle down with a cup of tea and have a trawl through. We're sure you'll find something delightful to take home.

Please email us at or call on 0431739908 to talk to Priya.


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