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Why I do what I do ?

I have to answer this question quiet often nowadays ....sometimes to get perspective , other times from friends or colleagues ....recently from my GP . She knew I was a dentist before and wanted to know why i would not go back . She told me they often need demonstrators and tutors for the dentistry [...]

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Thought i would leave you with some(not sure if this is a word but you know what i mean :) )  . I love the sombre , mix and match of elements .Its all a collective  of everything individual and original ..........i will let the photos do the talking.                                         from  here                                           read more here                                                      and [...]

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Fair Indie Christmas Market - Townsville

We would be displaying at the fair Indie Christmas Market . There are heaps of fair trade business and most exciting products participating. So, please spread the word and come and see us :)Visit their facebook page here.

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What do you want on your Tombstone?

image via here This is going to be one profound post but seriously have you ever thought about this .....and i mean really given it a good think . I have only started thinking  about it in the last few days. It sort of changes everything and puts a fresh perspective on everything. What do I want [...]

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Meaningful Beauty

During one of my conversations with friends , someone mentioned beauty with meaning . It struck a chord right away . We are all drawn to beautiful things, so much so we want them everywhere in our home , in our surroundings, places of work and worship even on ourselves . John Keats said " [...]

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If i could travel anywhere.....

I am a gypsy at heart . I daydream about visiting new places, discovering new cultures, experience traditions and marvel at the beauty of that place and people.I truly believe the saying that world is a book and those that don't travel read only a page.Here are a few snapshots of my daydreams:)                                                        via [...]

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I am back

Sorry folks , have been missing from the blog scene for a while .Since we shifted to Newcastle , it has taken a long time settling down . We are now house shopping , which is pretty fun :) I often go to my favourite interior blogs and bookmark posts for inspiration or browse Pinterest but [...]

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Decorating with Bohemian ,exotic and handcrafted Indian linen

I believe our home is an extension of us and a  reflection of things we love.Imagine coming home ,walking through the front door and be surrounded by the loveliness and beauty of things that matter the most to you. If you are a lover of exotic Indian , bohemian prints or something that whispers faraway [...]

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Decoding Your Unique Sense of Style

                                                                    Image from here Ever heard yourself or someone say; "I have no sense of style " "I never know what to wear or what to [...]

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Exotica - Rooms with an exotic dreamy touch

Thought i would get some dreamy exotic room inspiration .It is amazing how a few exotic pieces can give a room the much needed character . Love the screen in this room so exotic and beautiful .Plus don't you think cream and bronze are married :) All pics from here.

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